Anna Cairo

Master of Arts (Media & Communications)

Founder & Director –  Online / Social Media Communications Consultant

Profile PhotoWith a diverse career spanning the retail, coaching and consulting industries, Anna Cairo is the founder of this boutique consultancy. As an educator, writer and consultant Anna loves the online environment and enjoys discussing the emerging issues in the disruptive communication and social media space.

As a prominent commentator and writer, Anna has written for a number of business websites, blogs and print magazines both nationally and internationally.  These include: New Zealand Management, Business Franchise Australia & New Zealand, Social Biz Magazine UK, Dynamic Business, Women’s Network Australia Blog and Working Women Magazine, Australian Businesswomen’s Network and My Business.  She is also one of the authors in the book The Experts Guide: Social Media Marketing and wrote the social media section in Separated by Work. Anna has finished her first book The business of Being Social and is currently waiting publication. She was nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards for 2013.

Anna also presents regularly and has varied experience in speaking, delivering workshops and seminars. Some of the events she has presented at include conferences, commercial law firms, networking events and student professional development seminars. Whether it is to SMEs, women, legal counsel or students Anna regularly provokes interesting conversation and debate about social media.

Some of the topics she has spoken and presented on include Social Media Policy in the Workplace (Legalwise Seminars, in-house commercial law firms), Social Media and Changing Trends (Australian VA Conference), Developing your Personal Brand (Swinburne University), Social Media in the Workplace / Social Media & Business (SMEs), and other topics such as the Importance of LinkedIn (Cert I in Vocational Preparation) and How To Maximise The Business Potential of LinkedIn (Women’s Network Australia).

Having completed her Master of Arts (Media and Communications), Anna specialised in the online environment particularly Internet policy and regulation.  As a qualified online communications professional, she examined network communities, policy and regulation as well as the convergence of media, telecommunications and information technology.  Anna is well equipped to understand the fragmentation that is occurring in a number of industries.

Through her academic studies, research and consulting experience Anna has a number of valuable skills which she now applies to her own business.  She has utilised these skills and experience working with a variety of businesses from a range of industries including legal, financial, marketing and

HR.  Her assistance to clients has included social media planning and education, risk management strategies and social media policy.

With a vast and comprehensive knowledge of social media and the online environment Anna is well qualified to assist businesses, leaders and schools in understanding the disruptive and fragmenting communication space and its impacts.

Anna has a key interest in social media workplace issues and how changing communication is effecting business and schools.  She is especially interested in digital disruption and its effect on business, Internet policy and regulation as well as rights and freedoms in the digital space.

Anna is very active on social media and can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and her Blog called Social Media in the Workplace & Beyond.

Why not drop Anna a line to find out how she can assist you to understand and engage in social media.

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