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Attracting employees with social media

Recently, I spoke at a conference about using social media for attracting and retaining employees. I challenged the audience to [...]

5 social media mistakes that could sink your career

“We have complete control over what we say and do on social media.” This is one of my most repeated [...]

5 ways to bullet-proof your business from social media dangers

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it” – Henry Ford [...]

The importance of having a support team

Last week I launched my book – The Business of Being Social: how to harness the untapped potential of social [...]

4 ways to strengthen your social media profiles

It is surprising that social media profiles don’t get as much attention as they should considering the amount of time [...]

Building relationships on social media

Effective relationship building is one of the most crucial ingredients in business success. The importance of relationship building using social [...]

3 things to know about social collaboration

Business is full of popular buzzwords, some of which are annoying. Social collaboration is not one of them, although some [...]

9 ways business can manage social media risks

2016 has again seen its share of social media blunders. Instead of getting better at managing social media, it seems [...]

What will your business look like in 2030?

According to the futurist Thomas Frey (from the DaVinci Institute and Google’s top rated futurist speaker), by 2030 2 billion [...]

Social media and misinformation

With the recent US election result, there has been quite a lot of soul searching on a result that seems [...]

Social media crisis checklist – 7 things to do

Social media has had a strong impact on communication between business and customer. In turn this influences the brand of [...]

5 ways employers can manage social media threats

Many things can and do go wrong for business on social media. The risks extend beyond reputational damage and a [...]

Choosing your social media platforms

There really is no denying that social media is changing business in many ways whether it is communication or marketing. [...]

Have you Googled your name lately?

I recently gave a presentation to graduates on individual branding and suggested they Google their name.  Although, an unusual suggestion, [...]

Exciting times – the beginning of something new

I am not one to make announcements preferring to let my actions speak for me pretty much most of the [...]