Published Articles

Women’s Network Australia

  – Managing Employees Addicted to Online Interaction
(published in Working Women Spring Edition 2014)

–  Boards Walking the Social Media Plank
(published in Working Women Winter Edition 2014)

–  Does Privacy Exist in Social Media?
(published in Working Women Spring Edition 2013)

Creating content for social media platforms
(published in Working Women Winter Edition 2013)

–  Social Media and Managing Your Online Reputation
(published in Working Women Autumn Edition 2013)

–  Your Staff and Social Media
(published in Working Women Summer Edition 2012/13)

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Dynamic Business

– How to measure the success of your Social Media marketing
(published in Dynamic Business 1st May 2012)

– Social Media policy essential in the workplace
(published in Dynamic Business 8th Dec 2011)

– Blogging a vital ingedient for business
(published in Dynamic Business 26th Oct 2011)

– The Social Media Privacy Debate
(published in Dynamic Business 11th Oct 2011)

–  Getting to know Social Media
(published in Dynamic Business 14th Sept 2011)

–  Social Media Essential for Business
(published in Dynamic Business 2nd Aug 2011

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–  Managing Employees in a Social Media Technology Workplace
(Published in New Zealand Management Dec 2014/Jan 2015 Issue)

–  Social Media For Franchises – Opportunities and Risks
(Published in Business Franchise Australia & New Zealand Sept/Oct Issue 2014)

–  Social Media in the Workplace
(published Monkey Business Issue One 2014)

–  Three Foundations of Social Media
(published in My Business 9th Sept 2011)

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Other Articles and Useful Information

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