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Online Communications for SMEs
Anna Cairo

The aim of Anna Cairo Consulting is straightforward: to make a tangible contribution to the success of your business. Anna’s objective is to support and add value to your business in an online capacity. To attain this, she works with you to tailor services to your business needs.


There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Anna Cairo Consulting understands that each business has its own unique needs and complexities. That is why Anna works closely with clients to understand their needs and challenges and to provide an approach that is tailored specifically to meet business requirements.

The benefits for you in engaging in Anna’s services include:

  – More time to connect with clients
  – Extra opportunity to invest in other business related activities
  – Clear communication messages that support your business.

Specialised Services

The Internet is now an extensive part of business communications. Anna Cairo Consulting offers a range of services including writing social media policy, webcopy, blogs and e-zines as well as strategic assistance with social media. These are all tailored to your requirements.

–  Social Media Strategy
–  Social Media Engagement Policy
–  Webcopy
–  Editing & Proofreading

Social Media Strategy

Your online communications strategy should not stop at a website. The importance of social media is growing in significance enabling businesses to build a business profile, increase their online visibility and manage their brand reputation.

Every day, millions of people worldwide are engaged in conversation using social media. It is emerging as a very powerful platform, providing opportunities to engage with people in a unique two way conversation. Read Anna’s articles on Social Media here.

Anna Cairo Consulting provides strategic information on how to utilise social media and what communications channels are most compatible for your business. Without a strategy your social media efforts will not succeed. Click here for more information on social media.

Contact Anna to discuss your Social Media needs.


Social Media Engagement Policy

Social media creates a number of opportunities for business in respect to engagement, sharing of content and building relationships. However, more and more social media platforms are blurring the lines between public and private communications. A social media policy is now essential for any workplace to create guidelines around what is acceptable content for employees, contractors or anyone associated with your business.

You can read more about social media policy and the workplace in the article “Social Media Policy Essential in the Workplace.” Click here

Whether you are looking for a general social media policy or something more specific to a particular platform (i.e Facebook), Anna Cairo Consulting can assist with strategic guidance and the writing of individual policies.

Contact Anna to discuss your Social Media Policy needs.



Writing copy for websites is different than writing for print. Quality webcopy is essential in engaging people with your website. Research shows that most people don’t spend long on a webpage. This is because people don’t read when they are on the Internet. They simply scan it for what they are looking for. Therefore your website needs to be clear and straightforward to follow.

Good webcopy connects with people by giving them easy access to the information they require. It engages and communicates with them. Anna writes webcopy so that it is readable and appealing to your target readers. Contact Anna today to discuss your requirements.

In addition to webcopy, Anna also writes:

–  Blogs
–  E-zines
–  E-books

Whether you need content for an online newsletter or for a blog, Anna prepares, researches and writes whatever it is that you want her to write. This gives you more time to concentrate on promoting your business.

If you have an idea for specific online content but don’t know where to start, Anna can assist you with the process.  Contact Anna to discuss further.


Editing & Proofreading

Editing and Proofreading is a vital element of clear communications. Anna can improve your online writing by bringing a fresh pair of eyes to your content, making sure that your messages are accurate and consistent.

Assistance can be offered for any of the following content:

–  Websites
–  Blogs
–  e-books
–  e-zines

Checking for:

–  Grammar, spelling and punctuation
–  Vocabulary and expression
–  Tone and word choice
–  Clarity
–  Structure and flow
–  Formatting and layout

Contact Anna today to discuss your online editing and proofreading needs.