A mentoring relationship is a hands-on, one-on-one partnership built on trust and confidentiality. Throughout her career, Anna has had many mentors and has benefited greatly from having one-on-one partnerships. It has provided value to her professional career through: support, encouragement, belief and being a sounding board when needed. Anna is currently part of the Swinburne University Alumni Mentoring Program where she is a mentor.

Anna’s focus is always on the mentee and what they need and want. To have a successful mentoring partnership Anna believes in the following 3 key elements to ensure the mentee benefits:


The mentee is in the driver’s seat. They drive the schedule, the topics and the discussion.

Mutually understood goals

Prior to commencing the mentoring partnership, the mentee should be able to communicate the goals of the relationship for clarity moving forward.


The mentee needs to make sure they are ready to commit to a mentoring partnership and the responsibility and comes from a 100% commitment.

 Mentoring packages

Packages are tailored to the mentee’s requirements. Anna offers 4 key packages: one-off session as well as 3, 6 or 12 session packages. If these don’t meet with your needs, then different options can be designed. Anna is available in person or Skype.

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