Social Media Risk Audit

Anna Cairo Consulting has a different philosophy when it comes to social media.  We believe social media is about listening, engaging and building trust with your audience.  It is not about advertising or broadcasting.

Managing risks is a key aspect of making the most of social media. As part of this Anna Cairo Consulting conducts Social Media Audits for both businesses and schools.

The Social Media Audit is a 2 step process (1) we assess, audit and then identify key risks making recommendations to manage these risks and (2) we then implement these recommendations.

Social Media Audits are individually tailored to either the business or school and are specific to the organisation’s needs and requirements.

Has your school audited their social media activities to manage their reputation?

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For more detailed and specific information about how we can help your business, please contact us today.

Services include:

  • Social Media Audit to assess and manage risks
  • Social media education for employees
  • In-house workshops for managers, teachers and professionals
  • Social media policy writing
  • Educational seminars on social media, its impacts and opportunities

Our knowledge and experience is based on working with a number of different industries including start-ups, legal, financial, marketing and HR.

Does your business know what their social media risks are? Contact us today, for more information to see how we can assist.

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