Web Surveillance – Where To Now?

With recent revelations throughout 2013 focusing on NSA surveillance monitoring and its wide scope across the globe capturing information not only of private citizens but world leaders, key discussions are now required on a range of issues.

The focus of surveillance and what it does is one of the important aspects of this debate.  Surveillance generally raises a number of issues around privacy, data collection and retention, access and protection and more.  At the moment, this type of surveillance gives the impression that all citizens are potential criminal suspects who need to monitored.  However, does this surveillance actually create a safer society? A question perhaps for another blog!

Governments may have legitimate national security and law enforcement reasons for surveillance, however, do corporations have valid reasons for data collection?  Or does data collection not classify as surveillance?

As surveillance becomes more prevalent an urgent debate is needed.  The how, what and who of surveillance needs to be debated.  The public arguably has legitimate concerns about these types of programs and knowing how much of their information is being collected or monitored is a valid concern.

Who is watching you?

Who is watching you?

Web surveillance is a massive issue that won’t go away.  Whether it is government surveillance or corporations who collect data through social media, this will be one of the main debates and topics of 2014.

In the meantime, here are a few tips on what you can do to protect yourself against web surveillance by Danny O’Brien published on the Electronic Frontier Foundation website.

  • Have strong passwords which are kept safe
  • Have a two-step authentication
  • Attachments can be fairly damaging so don’t click on them
  • Make sure your software is updated, and use anti-virus software

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